Countdown to our Pensacola guests

We are trying to get all sorts of things done before Peter, Diane and her parents come for a week long visit next Saturday. I still want to wash windows–I hate that job and if time, shampoo the carpets again–hate that job too! We’ll see if I can manage to do all of that with trying to work too. Have to do a bit of extra shopping too this week.

Today I have to work on at least one of my stories–this one is on an outdoor Mass coming up in Kenosha next week–that one is due by Monday, so better get busy.

2 thoughts on “Countdown to our Pensacola guests

  1. Hi Karen!I did it!! I am now a blogger, oh know…I don’t envy you, I hate doing windows!! I hope you have a great time with Pete and teh fam, sounds like great fun. You guys sure have had a lot of family around, good for you…I might be flying in to Wi in Oct. haven’t decided yet for sure, but my friend’s fiftieth is Oct 7 We’ll see..See ya!!, Pego


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