Well, the air is cool and clear today–no more 90+ temps for a while. This should make my brother Mike, the plumber very happy as he is stuck out in the elements quite a bit of the time. I always feel bad for people who work outside in extreme weather while I am holed up at my computer–but I guess that is why he makes the big bucks and I make a paltry sum. Oh to be JK Rowling at this point–now that would be a major kick. I have a few books in the works, but can’t seem to get them to the publishing point–if I did get at least one of them going, maybe I could forgo the freelancing gig.

Here is a picture of Zachary on one of those dog day afternoons that I just mentioned–I think he’s ready for an iced tea or bowl of sorbet!

4 thoughts on “wednesday

  1. What cute dog…..I take it companies gone now and things are back to normal again. I don’t ever have house guests aside from my children and their husband, wives and now children. Ha, amazing to be a grandma, I love it! Life is good here.. recovering from Daves last ordeal, that took me a while…Peg


  2. Hey thanks PeggyPeg! yes, the company is gone and we are beginning to become normal around here. Financially, we are not doing so well–the medical bills and lack of income becuase of the accident have really taken its toll on us. We just pray we don’t lose the house as we are already forced to tap into the equity. Ah, being a grandma–that has to be such fun for you and Dave. Speaking of which, how is he doing?


  3. What a darling picture of Zachary!! He has the cutest little face! Does he really have ice tea and sorbet? Don’t let him tell Max and Molly, they will be so jealous. Molly the dog, not Molly the beautiful daughter! I should clarify so your Molly doesn’t think I have her lumped in with the doggies!!LoveLinda


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