What a great day! Temps are in mid-80’s and since we attended Mass last night, Blaise and I made a trip down to Lake Michigan to the annual Art Fair–it was a lot of fun, but I think we had more fun at the neighboring garage sales. We picked up an antique juice pitcher, a coin set, and a couple of handpainted matrushka dolls from a lady from Russia.

Tonight we grilled some salmon and steaks, made marinated grilled zucchini, potatoes au gratin, and salad from our garden.

AND……….drum roll, I finished a story that I have been trying to fit in for a while–yippee! Hey Sam, this one is for you–and just want you to know if you see this, that I will miss you at the Herald–but maybe you will have work for me at the Green Bay Diocese? Pretty please?

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  1. It must have been Art Fair weekend. There was one where we were at also but I wasn’t terribly impressed with it!! I am glad you found some neat garage sale treasures. The dolls sound neat…pictures?? dinner at your house sounded delicious!LoveLinda


  2. i will have to show you pictures–but i am sure you know what they are when I explain. they are those little nesting dolls made out of wood–remember those? One of them has all the characters of the wizard of oz and the other set are of the chicago bears football team. i have some others that i purchased years ago–they are so well made.


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