poor sean

Well my world traveler son ended up in a place called newkirchen or something like that instead of neinkirchen where my brother and his family life. He ended up having to take another train all the way from the austrian border back to neinkirchen and and is supposed to be at John and Petra’s by 1:30 a.m. I imagine he will be exhausted!
John and Petra’s new home is above and they are the couple on the left side having a party with their friends.

Still working on the K/news insert-I am up to 18 stories and 18 data pieces. I probably need to write about 6 more stories this week and then I will be ready for the insane asylum

One thought on “poor sean

  1. What a neat house! It looks like gingerbread or something from Disneyland!! Oh gosh, poor Sean. Hopefully his Uncle and Auntie left the lights on for his arrival and that he wasn’t to very late!


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