Allison Bottke Blog Tour

Stay tuned, on August 21, I will be reviewing Allison Bottke’s new book, One little Secret. Here is a bit of information on Allison, for those who do not know her.

In January of this year Allison developed the BOOMER BABES ROCK web site community to encourage her boomer sisters to go for the gold—to reach out and make their dreams come true. BOOMER BABES ROCK is a place where fun, fashion, food, family, and faith merge to empower and inspire boomer women all around the world. This is a growing community of dynamic women reaching for the stars—unafraid to dust off the dreams of their childhood and make them the realities of their present. In keeping with that vision, Allison has begun to achieve the dream of her heart as her contemporary women’s fiction is finding a growing audience. Readers have coined her style as “women’s fiction with an attitude.” Her debut novel from Bethany House Publishers, A Stitch in Time, was well received last year. She follows up that success with her second novel, One Little Secret, already receiving buzz for mixing Hollywood glitz and glamour with a deep message of sacrifice and making your dreams come true. Affectionately known as the “God Allows U-Turns Poster Girl,” Allison’s inspiring story is one of triumph over tragedy. A frequent guest on radio and TV programs around the country, the 700 Club featured her life story in what has become one of their highest rated programs ever. She has appeared as the feature cover story in such national magazines as Writer’s Digest, BOND, The Christian Communicator, O.H. and Christian Women Online. Allison heads up God Allows U-Turns, an international outreach that includes books, tracts, logo merchandise, a speaking ministry, and a foundation. The God Allows U-Turns book series is available around the world with 22 non-fiction and fiction books in the U-Turns “brand” currently available for adults, kids and youth. Allison makes her home in Minnesota with her husband. You can read more about current and future projects in development by visiting her web site at

One Little Secret comes out in August from Bethany House.

For Ursula Rhoades, her ONE LITTLE SECRET …is about to become her one big problem! ONE LITTLE SECRET fits seamlessly into a culture obsessed with reality TV and celebrity lives (think American Idol and E! channel). Delving into the life of a fictional rock star, ONE LITTLE SECRET grabs readers from the start and takes them on a fun-loving ride through Hollywood and the famous GRAMMY awards.

In a land of glitz and glamour, Ursula Rhoades isn’t fazed in the least by the constant parade of Prada and Tiffany’s or the high-profile celebrity sightings. A beautiful home, a loving family, and fulfilling volunteer opportunities leave this fashionable and loving Bel-Air housewife completely content, even if she did have to give up her dreams. Nikolai Prevelakis, or Nik Prevel to his fans, is the hottest young music star in the country. But it isn’t enough. Handsome, famous, and living the life of a rock star, Nik isn’t content. When his path crosses Ursula’s, he sees the opportunity he’s been waiting for…but what seems like a harmless little secret changes their lives forever—and becomes one big secret everyone’s trying to figure out!

Ursula is a fun and hip main character—a baby boomer quite different from most heroines you see in today’s inspirational fiction. Offset by a male protagonist who is captivating and gets more likable and “deeper” as the story goes on, it’s just plain fun to watch these characters interact. A Hollywood fairy tale with all the pleasures of escapist literature mixed with gentle lessons on using the talents God has given you, the power of sacrifice, self-esteem, and the value of being “just a housewife.”

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