Woohoo, I have finally completed the small newspaper insert that quickly turned into a monster. When HJB first contacted me, he said that I would be writing about 13 or 14 stories for this section–which was similar to what I have previously done. So, I figured, no problem. HJB also mentioned that the school would be doing a lot of the writing themselves. What I did not anticipate was that the school assumed I would be doing the entire project by myself. They didn’t think they would have to return my phone calls or emails—that is, until the day prior to my deadline! Although I have worked on this project since the beginning of June, very few people gave me interviews.

Just a day prior to D-day, the school gave me the outline for the project! Of course it was too late. Also, at the last minute, ten people came out of the woodwork wanting interviews. After writing 27 stories and 16 informational pages–most of which were in the past week, I am done–spent. I am unable to do more without severely jeopradizing my other projects.

So, I am sorry to say to the remaining 5 or 6 people that have decided to call me tonight–I am unable to return your calls and forwarded all of your phone numbers to my editor, HJB, and back to the school’s administrator.

Even though some of you may be disappointed, I have more than doubled what I said I would do and if that is not enough, I am truly sorry.

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