Home from San Fran or the Ramada Disaster!

Okay, you gotta hear this first…..Blaise, Molly and I arrived at the Ramada in Santa Cruz with high expectations and were left feeling exhausted, dirty, and basically ripped off. First the ignorant travel agent from AAA booked us at the wrong Ramada–it was supposed to be the one that was on the boardwalk, but NO……this was a mile away and downtown.

Our room was supposed to have 2 beds, non smoking–instead we were given 1 king bed and told that if we wanted 2 beds, it would be a $25 per night upgrade! When we said that this was what we ordered, they wouldn’t budge. Finally they said we could have a king bed with a queen pull out bed in a non smoking room.

As we went into the room, we noticed a couple of things—inadequate amount of towels, a wet dirty towel hanging on the back of the bathroom door and hair and dirt on the bathroom floor. A large patch of drywall was missing above the shower and in its place was mildewed wood—very unappealing indeed.

We went to the main desk to complain and all they did was to take the dirty towel and have us follow the manager to a laundry room to get more towels.

After coming back from a long day at the boardwalk, we opened up the pull out bed to be greeted with a blast of stale cigarette smoke (again, this was to be a non smoking room) and no bedding on the bed. I called the desk but there was no answer so I walked to the office again and told them about the bed. I was told I had to make up the bed myself because there wasn’t anyone to ‘do those things’ So, I again went to the laundry room to get sheets, blankets, pillows and made the bed myself.

Later, my husband went to the pool to swim and when he came back out of the gate, he cut his hand on the sign that was wired to the gate. (the wires were sticking straight out) After we complained, there was not even an apology. My husband is on blood thinners and got blood on the sheets and pillow case. The next day, the sheets were changed, but the pillow case was not. The bathroom floor was still dirty.

We used the coffeemaker in the morning, but it was never emptied or cleaned the next day. A new pack of coffee was simply thrown on top of the coffeemaker.

Next to the refrigerator, microwave, nightstand was a bundle of cords linking the appliances, clock and lamp together. It was right in front of the nightstand—both a tripping and fire hazard as these were very light extension cords that were attached. I do have a photo of this.

By the way, my husband, my daughter and I all developed athlete’s foot from the bathroom floor or shower—this is also extremely unpleasant.

This was by far the worst experience of a hotel stay that we ever had. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it was to sleep in knowing how dirty the place was, how it reeked of smoke and how non-caring the manager was. It was so bad that I complained to the Ramada headquarters while we were there, but as of yet nothing has been done. I feel that we should be reimbursed the entire stay for what we were put through on this ‘vacation’

I don’t think I can feel comfortable staying at another Ramada again.

2 thoughts on “Home from San Fran or the Ramada Disaster!

  1. Karen, that is horrible! What an experience! Can you complain in writing to the better business bureau in San Francisco? I would sure try it! Also complain in writing to AAA who booked you, and state the agent’s name. It takes time to do these things but is well worth it. I would have left. I wouldn’t stay in such a place. We had a place that was uncomfortable in St. Louis the first time we went, and after the first night we left. We complained loudly too. It wasn’t dirty but it was NOISY until 4 am and the front desk did nothing when we called. There were video machines outside our room in the hallway, of all places, and kids from off the street came in and played them. I felt very unsafe. It was a “Days Inn” and we have never stayed at one since that time. I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience!


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