Making Alcatraz Your Home

Do Not Feed the Prisoner! We finally got the guy locked up–he is very dangerous so don’t encourage him!

Well, Alcatraz is always interesting and each time we go, I feel the same way, sadness mixed with a sense of impending darkness magnified by the lingering stench of human depravity. Unless you visit the place, and walk through the cells and into the kitchen and shower areas, you could not begin to comprehend the almost choking sensation. And while it was fun to see the cells and view the prisoners’ artwork and personal effects–the evil seems to hover as a cloud in every crevice. Will I go back? Absolutely, it is a part of our nation’s history and frankly, even though it is a terrible place to call home, there should be more prisons like this rather than the cushy country clubs that we know today.

Molly trying to escape

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