Rants and Raves about Texas Roadhouse

Because I can complain better than most poeple and generally get good results when I do so, I also believe it is imperative to compliment when service or behavior is above and beyond the ordinary.

Last night, in honor of Molly going off to college, Blaise, Molly, Erin and I all went to Texas Roadhouse in Kenosha. From past experiences, we knew it was okay to order the grilled shrimp over rice, the grilled chicken and the kids grilled steak because we were informed that they were good gluten free options.

The food tasted good, but wasn’t gluten free. At least Molly and my choices were not.

Both of us ended up in the “throne room” all night with diarrhea, bloating, gas, you name it–we have it. My eyelids are so swollen today that they look like big fat nightcrawlers sitting above my eyes.

So, I wrote to corporate headquarters asking what we can do.

John, the manager from the Kenosha restaurant called me to apologize for the gluten containing food, he also said that they no longer offer a gluten free menu for this very reason—it is too difficult for them to avoid the cross contamination issues. He also apologized for the poor service we had–yeah, this was our first experience with a bad waitress…but he is sending us out gift certificates for another dining experience and he promises to try to do what he can to make sure we are not going to be ‘glutened.” He is also posting my email on his bulletin board, along with the lastest Newsweek article on Celiac.

I say, Good for you John and good for you Texas Roadhouse.

Now, I know we will come back.

I just hope we start feeling better soon–sorry Molly, this was supposed to be a nice memory!

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