Major Pet Peeves

I just can’t understand why it is that I work my heart out to do my best in my writing and when I ask for more money, I not only NOT get a response, but I get blackballed and don’t get any further stories. This has happened several times and I just don’t understand why this is happening.

Is it God telling me to stop writing?
Is He telling me to work on my books?
Is He telling me to get a different job?
Certainly He above all, understands how desperate our situation is at the moment, with Blaise’s injury, our more than $300K in medical bills, etc.
So, what is the lesson here?
Should I give up?

I also don’t understand how it is that you give your all, your love, your money, your life for your kids and then they go off to college or the military and it is as if you never existed. I wonder if they ever think back and wonder what their mom is doing? I wonder if they ever think, “wow, my parents did some great things for me, despite the fact that they aren’t rich.”

I wonder when it became a burden to call your parents, write a letter or an email to just say hi, or tell them about your life…….or thank you for the box you sent.

I guess that the closer I get to 50, the more insignificant I become.

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