Happy St. Nick’s Day or oh crap,I forgot to fill the stockings

I knew it would happen one of these years and I believe it is the earmark of senility. While my children (well one child, one grown child, and one husband) were all snuggled asleep in their beds, dreaming of sugar plums. I was asleep too!

The spirit of St. Nick must have jolted me awake because I am sitting in the living room, in the dark waiting for a good time to get the back of candy from the bedroom closet and fill the stockings. I need to wait because my husband has had insomnia for a few days and I don’t want to wake him up while rummaging through the closet pulling out crackling wrappers.

So, hopefully by 5 a.m. or so, I can do this without totally disrupting his night and get these stockings filled before Erin, my 12 year old son wakes up. Why don’t I go back to bed you ask? Because I might actually sleep and then everyone will be up when I get up, thus spoiling the surprise.

See, and that’s another thing…what surprise? He is 12! He doesn’t believe in St. Nick anymore than he believes in the tooth fairy–but I still do this year after year and will even fill my 23 year old’s stocking and my husband’s, because that is just we are supposed to do.

Thanks Mom for passing on this legacy–who fills our stockings? Maybe I should buy a few diamonds this year and stick them in my flat and empty stocking and see the surprise on Blaise’s face when he sees what St. Nick left for me! Now that might get the day rolling.

I have about 15 minutes before I can safely fill the stockings with fruit and nuts and healthy snacks………yeah right, are you insane to believe that? It will all be chocolate because that is all they like–if I gave them fruits and nuts, they would think I am more senile than I am already. Well, Happy St. Nick’s Day to all of you…….maybe I can get a nap in here somewhere.

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