Peggy Mackenzie-this blog’s for you!

Here I am Peggy after a long and crazy Christmas break. I don’t know why they call it Christmas break because it is never a break for a mother. I think they should call it -Christmas madness, Christmas stress, Christmas angst–something more appropriate to the excessive cooking, cleaning, entertaining, smiling in the face of disaster that goes on during this time of year. Did I say disaster? Whew, don’t get me started–between our neighbor dying, our best friend having a heart attack and his wife passing out in the hospital and dealing with adult children who think is is perfectly fine to bash parents–disaster is the word of the day. What is the best part of this new year 2008 though, is that Our Lord Jesus Christ still reigns and is still merciful and still fills me with the grace to endure each day despite everyone and everything else.

To cheer you–here are a couple of pictures of your brother celebrating Christmas with those near and dear to us.

One thought on “Peggy Mackenzie-this blog’s for you!

  1. Way to go kids…Thanks Karen, how special I feel!!! And big brother, Santa? Wow how cute you look Blaise…I bet you were the best Santa ever. I love you guys and miss you a bunch.


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