Victim of the Partee Beauty Shop!

This was a client in my grandma’s beauty shop. Her name was Katherine Partee Pieh. Not too many people know that prior to my becoming a writer, I was a hairstylist. In fact, I am still a licensed Cosmetologist and Barber in Wisconsin. As much as I didn’t like my field–none of my clients have ever looked like this! Now, that’s gotta hurt!

2 thoughts on “Victim of the Partee Beauty Shop!

  1. Hi Karen, The Partee Beauty & gift shop was the only place in Burlington that I know of that folks could get their hair done, altho that picture your showed looked more like an exacution! I have fond memories of your Grandmother. She was 1 of my many Aunts & used to cut my hair when I was young & probably until she closed the shop.My name is Candace & my Mother was the youngest of the Mamie & Clarence Patree children, by the name of Patricia Partee Vorpahl. I also have a a water color painting that your Grandmother did & dated 1917.My Mom took it when they settled the family estate. I also have a gallon jug of shampoo that came from the beauty shop, it still had the original cork in it. It looks too volatile to use.LOL I was just doing some searching & came across your picture & just had to read on. Just thought I'd drop in & leave a comment. I'am 1 of your late Fathers cousins.


  2. Candace! It is wonderful to know you! I wonder if I met you years ago at a Partee Family reunion. Please give me your email address so I can contact you. I appreciate your sharing memories of my grandmother as I remember very little of her since she died when I was just a year old. please email me at karenmahoney42@hotmail.comThank you so much for writing!


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