Great Day

(Ryan and Kelly before he left for Iraq)

I have finally heard from my son, Lance Corporal Ryan Urness from Fox 2/24- currently stationed in Baghdad–praise God he is fine. Sitting here in my rural home in the U.S.,my imagination runs rampant with curiosity–wondering whether he is eating, healthy, injured or even alive. I live with the fear of a home visit from the armed forces preparing to give me bad news–and each day that they don’t arrive, I breathe a sigh of relief. So, even though the letter comes three weeks after his penning, it carries a tangible awareness of his being. He took the time to write, to express his feelings and to tell me that he loved me and that I have been an excellent mother. I don’t pretend to realize that this could be the last time I hear from him especially under the consequence of war–but it is a lifeline to me and holds a bit of promise for his homecoming.

So Ryan, I love you and am so grateful that for now, you are well–another box comes your way today!

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