I am at home–but not having a retreat

Here is the spoiled doggie, Zach eating some leftover mashed potatoes-he was so lazy that he didn’t want to step out of his bed.

Boy, I desperately need a retreat and I think it has to be anywhere but here. Blaise is in California, Erin is in school so it would be the perfect opportunity to relax, read a good book, watch a little television, right?


I picked this time to shampoo the carpets
Wash the floors
(After washing the kitchen floor, I shattered a glass and had to sweep and shampoo the darn floor all over again–grrr)
I did some massive laundry which caused my clothes dryer to reciprocate and break down
Now I am waiting for the Maytag Repair Man–I’ve been waiting for two days.
If he doesn’t get here soon, I’ll be visiting the neighborhood laundromat or take to beating the clothes on a rock and hanging them on the bushes to dry…..I didn’t sign up to be Amish.

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