Personal Injury Attorneys

What is it with those personal injury attorneys?

Or is it just us?

My husband was seriously injured in a home improvement store two years ago and the attorney seemed interested in the beginning, although he was an immediate jerk. His first words were, “well, you aren’t going to be retiring in the Bahamas but this looks like a good case.”

First of all, we were not interested in retiring in the Bahamas, we were interested in making sure this never happened to anyone else and we didn’t feel it was fair that we had to pay medical bills for something we did not cause.

Secondly, the injury was much worse than we initially thought, resulting in nine cervical fusions–both posterior and anterior. My husband suffered horrifically after the surgery and continues to do so nearly 18 months later.

We sent the required medical updates to him–no response

We sent the bills to him-no response

We called only four times in the past two years to ask specific questions and were treated as if we were bothering him.

The last time we met with he and one of the partners, they both acted as if we were trying to malign the system because my husband had a lot of medical bills–well hello! Have you seen the pictures of the surgery we sent you? He is filled with metal. You try holding your head up high with 20 pounds of titanium screwed into your neck and tell me how you feel.

They kept telling me husband he had to work, had to keep his job and so we did all we could to ensure that this happened–but the stress has been unbelievable.

Later we find out that most other people who have had this surgery are on disability. But Blaise keeps plugging on.
Today we meet with them again to set a value on the case and I am ready for them.
I want them to know how this accident has changed our lives
He is not the same man any longer
We don’t have the life we used to have.
He can no longer play raquetball,
No basketball
No swimming
or his favorite past time–golf.
He was ready to go pro, he used to be a scratch golfer-Golfing was his dream and now it is shattered.
At home, he is not the same man
He gets tired
He is in pain
He gets frustrated at his limitations
We don’t have fun anymore
and, we are broke from all the medical bills
This has affected me too.
And I am tired.
My question is, are there any Personal Injury Attorneys in Wisconsin who are there because they sincerely want to help people?
Or are they here to merely do the least amount of work in order to line their own pockets?
I just need to know that there are lawyers our there who are not rude and who are not jerks.
Let me here from at least one of you–please!

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