Post Lawyer Visit Thoughts

Regardless of the outcome–at least I know a few things about Blaise and I
1) This accident was not his fault.
2)The attorneys are only concerned with themselves
3)We have the Lord Jesus Christ on our side
4) No matter what happens to us financially or health-wise, we are confident that He who began the good work in us will be faith to complete it.
5)He will not leave us or forsake us
6)Together we can get through anything
7)I am trying my best by listing my dolls on ebay to raise money to keep us in this house
8)If need be, we will sell the house–but we will still have our souls and we will still love each other.
9)I can be confident that I would not sell my soul for a profit
10)I am confident that I would never choose Heartless Heartless & Screw You Law Firm ever again!

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