My ebay auctions and comments

So, I have been getting quite a few comments about some things I have listed on eBay right now. To answer all of you so far, yes the story is true and no, I am not making it up. Why would I willingly sell my entire doll collection if it were not a necessity? I love my dolls and have spent a long long time getting this collection–so no, if it were my choice, I would keep them all. However, saving the house is more important. Below is the full story and if you want to check my auctions on eBay look up pumpkinseedno1 under the seller listings.

Note-I am selling my Chatty collection hesitantly thanks to our legal system that does not support legitimate injury claims. My husband was severely injured in a home improvement store in Wisconsin two years ago on our wedding anniversary. The accident was caused by an unsafe environment in the store which caused my husband to run into two large boards sticking out of a bin of wood resulting in concussion and herniation to the disks in his neck. Silly him, he never saw the darn boards because he was so busy navigating around the two foot high giant pallet of wood stuck in the middle of the aisle. The store also refused to call an ambulance at my request because he is on blood thinners and I was concerned about a brain hemorrhage. Oh they have their protocol, you know–they wanted him to fill out an accident report before they did anything. Did I mention that they had no first aid kit and no ice pack to at least help him with the pain? Did I mention that they sat him in an office chair on rollers and each time he rested his arms on the shopping carts next to him that some idiot employee would pull the carts away from him because he had to hand out carts to customers?

He ended up with nine fusions in his neck. Originally our attorney Heartless,Heartless and Screw You from Kenosha Wisconsin told us it would be a good case and so we diligently sent them copies of our mileage, medical bills, prescriptions, etc. all the while expecting that they were going to go to bat for us. Yesterday they informed us that not only did they ask for an unbelievably low amount of money but we most likely will get nothing. This means that even if we get any sort of settlement, most will go to pay our insurance company and the rotten lawyers who have done nothing to help us. There will be nothing remaining to cover the pain, suffering and loss of more than $40,000 that we have had to pay out of pocket for his medical care. He can also no longer play basketball with our son, play racquetball or golf with his friends. He was ready to test for his PAT card to become a pro-golfer and that opportunity is gone too.

On top of that, if he loses his job, he will be unemployable. When we questioned the lawyers as to why we can’t go to trial, we were told that juries nowadays feel that people should be able to navigate around all obstacles and basically be fortune tellers to know what dangers lurk ahead of us. Well, I am sorry–if we were that good, we would be God and I don’t think God would appreciate moving aside for the likes of this poor starving freelance writer who barely makes enough to buy weekly groceries for the family.

When I mentioned to the lawyer that we are prepared to go to court to tell them our story he simply said, “well that is easy for you to say, you aren’t the one spending $20,000 for court costs.”

Well, thank you very much for nothing–

The golf clubs are sold

After I sell all my dolls, the house is the next to go.

Just one question–are there any good personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin who actually will work for their clients? Or like our lawyer said, “if you were rear ended by a drunk driver it would have been a nice easy case and you would have received compensation.” No one wants to work anymore and the little guy gets screwed every time.

Did I tell you that one of the lawyers bragged that he loves to shop at this store?

Hmmm, interesting–maybe you have some connections here?

So thanks, thanks for making me sell my lifetime doll collection.

I feel like we have been injured all over again.

Stay tuned–many more sales to come in the coming weeks

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