Lawyers–the hits just keep on coming

So, something I have learned which you may not know because those darn law firms that say that they are rated as the number one trial attorneys in Wisconsin and only charge a fee if they win really have you over a barrel once you hire them.
Yes, if you go to trial, they get a third
If you settle out of court, they get a fourth.
If you fire them because they are not doing their job, have lied to you, made a deal with the enemy, etc—you are required to pay their hourly fee plus expenses.
So yes, you are screwed either way–no matter what you do–you are screwed
The lawyers get their share
The insurance company gets their share
and the poor injured plaintiff whose life is ruined gets whatever scraps are left over.
So they are really fighting for us?
Oh puleeze.
I repeat and I dare you–are there ANY honest and reputable personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin?

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