St Lawrence Seminary High School

Today we brought Erin to St. Lawrence Seminary High School for the 7th day Day of Discovery and I must say, we were all impressed. The young men who gave us personal tours of the campus were much different that the ‘kids’ we see around here. Each young man greeted us with a handshake, made eye contact and were sincerely wanting to answer any questions we had.
They made sure we were well looked after and brought to each of the activities on time. Mass was a beautiful experience and what a treat to hear all those male voices singing in unison. The lunch was beautifully prepared by the students and careful consideration was made to ensure that there was a wide variety of food choices….particularly helpful for Erin and I who deal with celiac disease and find most dining experiences frustrating.

We were surprised at the amount of sports activities available, from on campus bowling, to wrestling, full gym, nautilis equipment, baseball, tennis, soccer, cross country, and more–it was mind boggling. Erin was very interested in the woodshop area and the observatory.

We need to work on the finances especially more so now that those ‘lovely’ lawyers failed to come through for us in Blaise’s accident. But the education and opportunity to pursue the priesthood is worth giving up our home to make sure it happens for him.

Of course, we are praying we don’t have to sell-I have still not ruled out the Mercy of God and a miracle. After all, God is in the miracle business, isn’t He? I just need to trust that He will make it all work out according to His plan. Meanwhile, I am continuing the process of selling my dolls to pay off the $40,000 in medical bills. I have $200 so far–at least it is a dent.

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