End of an Era–aka I still don’t Like a certain Wisconsin Law firm

Well, here they are–the best part of my doll collection–my American and Canadian Chatty Cathy Dolls and the next to go on eBay if we don’t get a miracle soon. For those who don’t know, I am gradually whittling down my doll collection thanks to a couple of lawyers from Heartless Heartless and Screw You from Kenosha Wisconsin who told us we had a good case due to the injury my husband sustained at a large Wisconsin based home improvement store chain.

He sustained a head injury and two herniated disks in his neck which resulted in 9 fusions. Originally the lawyers, R and S stated that we would be compensated for medical bills, mileage, pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, future medical care, loss of wages, loss of consortium, etc…now it appears that they will only be the ones who are compensated. So, out of $300,000+ in medical bills which will be going to repay the insurance company, and the amount they will be getting–we will not have enough to pay JUST our out of pocket medical costs of $40,000.

We would have been better off just dealing with the store’s insurance company–at least we would have received some token amount for our loss.

So, in order to try and save our house–I am selling everything I have to try and pay down that home equity loan–but most likely we will lose that as well. Oh well, at least by the time I am done sellling everything on eBay–we won’t have a lot to move. So R- and S-, –hope you are enjoying the ride–someday this will all come back to you, I am confident in that.

I just want to know one thing–how do you guys sleep at night?

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