Kenosha WI Civil War Museum Special Supplement

Well, after six weeks of intense research, interviews, and writing–the 32 page Civil War Supplement is nearly ready for the printing press and I for one, am greatly relieved. The pressure for perfection is intense and of course, unobtainable–but I did my best.

At times I complain about what I do especially where the Special Supplements are concerned–that said, I have to admit what a blessing it has been for me to work under the tutelage of Mr. Newspaper himself, Howard Brown.

Well known, respected ,and influential all over the world, Howard, who is now in his mid-80’s appreciates the art of perfection, but critiques with love. When I succeed in making him happy in the news business, I feel as if I am not too far off the mark in my overall writing quality.

I also enjoy the way he does things, “the old school way.” For example, he doesn’t understand modern layouts, computers or internet–he understands the old way with plates, actual cutting and pasting and lots of ink.

Although he could have retired decades ago, he still reports to the office in a suit and tie seven days a week. He is always a gentleman, always has time to inquire about my husband’s health and my life as a struggling stringer.

The other day, he wanted me to experience the excitement firsthand in watching the copy come to life on the printed page; and he took the time to personally gave me a tour of the printing operation.

Others may roll their eyes at the sight of an octogenarian with his hands in the daily news–but for this middle aged stringer, I feel both honored and blessed.

In the words of HJB–or ‘Uncle Howard’ as he likes to refer to himself–‘everything works out when you do it with a little love.’

Well, Howard–you do it all with a little love–and like you always tell the ‘charming Karen’–God love you.

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