Nice Lawyer–I am beginning to change my opinion

Our new attorney told me that his goal was to change our minds about the legal profession. That, I told him, would be a difficult task as Blaise and I have been turned this way and that, lied to, yelled at, mishandled, and basically treated like an unwanted pair of smelly sneakers for the past two years.

After firing the old group for their devious behavior–we signed on with the new guy on May 21, the two year anniversary of I-Day–what I like to call Injury Day at the Big Home Improvement Store. At first he planned to file that week, but a number of things happened such as getting swamped with cases, named President of the Illinois State Bar, and having to work on an appeals case…so, when we had not heard from him, and he had not filed……I was concerned.

When I called the office and he didn’t return any of our calls—I was miffed.

When I sent emails and received no response–I was particularly peeved.

But, and it is a big BUT–he has redeemed himself 100% by following up with phone calls, emails and drum roll please——–he filed our case today! WooHoo–it is the one thing we have been wanting for two years and it is now done! Now, I feel as if we can move forward and yes, Scott—I am beginning to rethink my opinion about the legal profession……..

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