I hate my Macbook

So, everyone under the sun convinced me to buy a Macbook because i have had such horrible luck with my windows products. The first Macbook lasted me three weeks before it continued to crash on an hourly basis. The store sent me a new machine –gee, only had to wait THREE weeks to get it. The second machine has been pretty good until today, when I was not able to install the updates to the system. After Seven calls to Tech support, the last guy systematically guided me through the install disks and the disk repair through the utility icons. When that didn’t work he told me to go to the genius bar to have the experts look at it. What he didn’t say, was that little maneuver made my computer unable to boot up at all. I called tech support again and the !@^*&*^$ calmly said to me, ‘oh m’aam, your hard drive has crashed and you have lost all your data’ Great–I am a freelance writer and all my work is on that machine and I had not backed up my necessary files today. I told him that had i known this guy was going to wreck my hard drive that I would have backed up before i called. he laughed and said, ‘Oh m’aam (in his whiny middle Eastern tone) that guy had nothing to do with your crash.’ Funny, everything was working perfectly until i called. I hate Apple too–is there a computer that actually works?

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