Well, the inevitable happened and this is time for Blaise and I to exercise even more faith and more trust in He who gives us life. Friday, Blaise began short term disability and the way it looks, he won’t be working again. We are suddenly thrust into an arena that I prayed would not happen–our wages have dropped even further, there is uncertainty about long term disability and even greater, the uncertainty that we will win or not win the personal injury case.

After what we have been going through lately with Blaise’s daily pain suffering, the enormous medical bills, his pressures at work, and my declining work load–I didn’t realize it would get even worse for us. I knew it could–but had hoped and prayed that we were through the worst of it.

God must think we are really strong because the pressure and the stress simply does not stop. Although we are both very down right now, I know that God’s hand is still upon us and our future and I believe He will prevail. Blaise is a good man and has always done his best to be Christ-like to everyone–I believe God will reward him for that.

Despite it all, we continue to praise him in the bad times as well as the good times. I am anxious to watch His handiwork unfold.

Praise be to Jesus Christ

5 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Karen,I am so very sorry.I promise to keep your intentions close to my heart at Mass, in prayer etc asking for His tender mercies for your family. He must be pleased with your trust in Him! May God bless you!


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