Is it Winter already?

Talk about a shock to the nervous system! What was it, two days ago that temperatures were in the mid 70’s? Today as I look out into my office, the sunny skies and buzzing bees are gone and replaced by snowflakes. Have I just been busy or did October forget to arrive this year? Actually, I know it was here because I had surgery on October 1-perhaps I slept through the entire month?

It’s only 2 in the afternoon and with the darkened skies, it feels more like 7 p.m. My energy seemed to go the way of the weather and instead of feeling as if I am ready to do a big fall cleaning inside and out, I am thinking more like wrapping myself in a nice fuzzy blanket and cuddling on the couch with this great book I am reading.

These days, when I am not working, I’ve been into catching up on my reading. The last book I read was Immaculee Illibagiza’s lastest book, Led by Faith–she lived in absolute horror, yet has a faith that can move mountains. She is an inspiration to me and after hearing her speak a couple of weeks ago, it’s helped me deal with our own personal suffering. I read her original story, Left to Tell a couple of years ago and it was time for me to enter into the comfort of her steadfast spirit. I tend to feel sorry for myself at times for the many things we have and continue to endure in our family–but she lived through so much worse and has a faith that seems to shine through her skin and radiate to all who are near her. I am honored to have met her.Immaculee–isn’t she radiant next to our Blessed Mother?

The book I am now reading is Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado and I am finding that one inspiring as well. We all have giants–whether they are alcohol, pornography, insecurity, insignificance or any number of others and facing them with God will ensure that the enemy (our giant) will fall. If we don’t face them with God and his infinite army–we are the ones who will fall. I am going to make it my goal to face my giants and prayerfully ask God to help me cast the stone at the forehead of my goliath.

For me, reading is good as I tend to get wrapped up in writing about everyone else, that I forget that reading is stimulating to my soul and my mind and hopefully will make me a better writer.

While I get paid very little for what I do, I am grateful for the opportunity to write about so many incredible people–maybe someday, I will get to write my own story, but for now, this is what I do and it rocks!

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