Happy 20th Birthday Molly

(Molly on the left)

While we have not seen each other in nearly two years, I wanted to find some way to wish you a happy birthday.

It was the greatest moment when you were born Molly, after only one hour of labor.
You were a beautiful baby and have grown into a gorgeous young woman.

I remember being so astounded at your teaching yourself to read, at your humor, and compassion, and ability to bake cookies!

I remember shopping trips, lunches, chai tea, latte’s at Starbucks.
I remember making costumes, school musicals, CSI, and solo and ensemble.
I remember your fantastic writing ability
I remember laughing til we cried
crying til we laughed.
going through high school problems
celiac disease
and prom
I remember San Diego
and losing you.

I miss you Molly

Please come back

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