My Mary Garden

Here is my Mary Garden this year–the blue and yellow theme is in honor of my late, but never forgotten precious mother, Bonnie Rose Pieh. I miss you so much Mom–I hope you like the flowers this year–can’t wait to see you again in heaven.

If you notice in the first picture, see the tiny violas peeking between the red rocks?—funny thing about them. Originally I was going to pull them out because they ‘didn’t belong’ but then decided to leave them because in many ways, I don’t belong. I don’t belong in a couple of my kids’ lives, I don’t belong in this world-per se, but I do belong to the spiritual world and the flowers did represent to me that all are welcome in his kingdom–even though we often struggle to find our space upon the rocks. I am happy to be here among the other blossoms who are struggling like I am–together we will make it with our dear Lord’s help.

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