Do they remember?

Do they remember me staying up all night to make matching Christmas outfits for them?
Do they remember soothing their fevered brows with cool cloths?
new shoes when we had no money?
freshly baked bread each day?
chocolate chip pancakes?
baking cookies?
daily Mass?
reading stories in my bed?
never leaving their sides in the hospital?
dance lessons?
school dances?
first cars?
my love?

I remember slobbery kisses at midnight
floured fingerprints on my shirt after a tight hug
toothless smiles
first steps
first day behind the wheel
first dates
whispered secrets in my ear
hearing, “I love you forever” and knowing they meant it
and I remember when it all ended

Thank you most merciful God
for giving me Your love in the absence of my earthly father
Thank you my Blessed Mother
for your comfort in the absence of my earthy Mother
thank you Jesus for your comfort in the absence of two of my own.

Watch over them,
guide them,
bless them, and
if you can,
please let them know that despite my imperfections
how much I love them.

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