Small World

It was just an assignment, but it ended up being a Divine Appointment.

Last night I was dreading the long drive to Cardinal Stritch College to cover a new group of Secular Franciscans. I wasn’t dreading the story–but the long drive.

I don’t care to drive in Milwaukee freeway traffic during rush hour and last night was no exception.

I prayed on the way for safe travel and a good experience. Upon my arrival, I was greeting with Paul, the minister of the group and immediately felt at home.

I learned after visiting for a while that he and the regional minister were both alums of St. Lawrence Seminary High School, where Erin will be attending in a few short weeks.

Both were wonderful men and encouraging of Erin’s decision to go away to school and mentioned that SLS has a secular Franciscan order that he could join if interested.

I had only planned to stay 15-20 minutes at the meeting, but found myself having a hard time tearing myself away more than an hour later. Each member of the group were excited, vibrant and loving. Never boastful, they were humble and self-less and kind. I miss the kindness of strangers–and haven’t experienced it for a long time.

It was as if God was drawing me to this vibrant, selfless group and saying, “here is where you belong.”

Over the years, my husband and I have been drawn to a long line of wonderful Franciscans. Fr. Joachim and Fr. Dacian were both spiritual advisers to us and there was always that something, that made us feel as if we should be with them, rather in the trappings of the world.

Maybe, just maybe after I write my story, we will go together and explore the life of St. Francis and begin the discernment process.

Awesome-thank you God

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