Things that irritate me

When a school publishes a monthly meeting, puts their agenda online, interviews ahead of time as to what is on the agenda and then when the reporter and half the population of the school shows up at the front door of the school and the windows are dark, I get a bad feeling.

So, I drive all around Wheatland Center School with a trail of SUV’s behind me and notice a small piece of blue paper taped to the south door. I park my vehicle, haul my body out of the door and squint.

Why do I squint?

Because the idiots that wrote the note, wrote it in tiny blue print with penmanship that would make a doctor shudder.

The note was short, simple and while tiny, to the point.

It said, ‘school board meeting canceled’

That was it-

you would think that at least notifying the media would be smart, wouldn’t it?

After all, the media are the people responsible for making it known that you want another $300,000 referendum, right?

Somewhere along the line, academics took the place of consideration for others.

Forget academia–I’ll take the considerate ones any day

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