A sense of melancholy today

The days are moving quickly along and with each sunrise, I realize that it is one day closer to Erin leaving for his minor seminary. How close we have become over the years and being the youngest, it will be very tough to let him go. While he will be in the best of care, as a mother, I still worry and am hesitant as to the future of our relationship? Will this bring us closer or further apart? Will it solidify his vocational choice or turn him away from it?

I am also feeling a sense of family disjointedness today–after learning that members of both sides of our family are going behind our backs regarding various things, it makes me wonder why. Why do people need to be two-faced? Why the cloak and dagger? Why can’t people just get along and support each other? Why are our friends closer to us than our families?

I guess these unanswered questions are up to God to make clear and to sort out. We just need to stay on the path towards the everlasting LIGHT and continue to pray, repent and hold on.

Thanks be to God we have another day.

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