Our day in Madison

Lucky Hugh positioned between two girls!

We had such an awesome day–Sean, Erin, Blaise and I drove to Madison in a torrential rainstorm (thanks for driving Sean) to visit my cousin Mark, his wife Lois, my aunt (Mark’s mom) Deanne, her sweetheart Hugh and their close friend Susan. Lois made a scrumptious lunch of Greek Salad, Chicken salad and fresh fruit. I made cupcakes that were supposed to be raspberry schaum torte, but due to the extreme humidity and the fact that I was totally exhausted from working at our church rummage sale–I didn’t do it. However, since great minds think alike, my oldest daughter Kelly sent me a photo of her schaum torte that she made today—now why on earth would she think of making the same dessert today of all days? The photo looked amazing–wish she had come up here and shared with us!

Anway, Sean and Erin went swimming in the pool after lunch. Then we drove home and went directly to church where Erin served his last Mass before leaving for St. Lawrence. We are all exhausted but happy

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