To my children

I hope I taught my children independence and the ability to define their own identity. I pray they know that their identify is what they make it. I don’t want them to tie their identity to their career — any of them. They should have full well-rounded lives full of interests, hobbies, friends, family and a career if they want it.

I want my children to understand the value of sacrifice , compromise and risk. My children should know that failure is not a sign of unworthiness, but a reason to persevere and a way to improve themselves. And that anything – family, friendship, career – worthwhile is worth working hard for.

I want my children to value their family. I’ve never heard someone regret not working more, but I have heard plenty regret not spending enough time with their family. I hope that I taught my children to not only value where they come from, but also to provide a bright future for our descendants. I want to send the message to my children that they are the most important thing that I’ll ever do. And that I was happy to make sacrifices for their future.

Life is short. I want my children to enjoy and value it and know that I will always love them.

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