Beware Air Conditioners that make noise when they are not running

It all began with a little squeaking sound.
Day and night, squeak squeak squeak–for weeks we heard this.
It was along one wall of our bedroom.
Blaise was thinking that somehow a mouse crawled up into our walls and was making noise.
Yesterday he turned on the Central air after hosing off some debris
Ka-chunk ka-chunk, ka-chunk
This morning we took the entire exterior housing apart and found to our horror, a huge mouse nest wedged in with the wiring of the air conditioner.
The bottom was fairly clear, a few cobwebs, a small wasp nest–but the compartment with the live and dead mice–stunk to high heaven. Words cannot express the overwhelming effect of the pungent odor of mice excrement.
Because Blaise is disabled, I grabbed the shop vac, a pair of goves, stuck my head down there and began to evacuate the nest.
Was a perfect plan until the hose clogged.
The vacuum bag ripped.
So, I had to shove sticks into the hose and pull out mouse parts, seeds, dead frogs, you name it and then decided to ‘brilliantly’ run the shop vac without the filter or the bag.
Not a good idea
yeah, I got everything cleaned up, but the entire vacuum housing and motor area was filled with debris, so I had to tear the shop vac apart, sterilize it, let the filters dry and plan to reassemble the thing as soon as I can recover from the earlier incident.
the odor is remarkable even hours later.
Finally, I poured a bunch of pine sol stuff into the a/c unit, along the ground near the unit and now am hoping that it will eventually go away.
By the way, found where they were getting in, so we squirted some of that expanding foam insulation into the hole–hopefully that did the trick.
Being a homeowner is often a thankless job.

2 thoughts on “Beware Air Conditioners that make noise when they are not running

  1. Are you feeling “strong” yet? Remember that old saying about what doesn't kill you will makke you stronger? I figure you have Wonder Woman and Shee Raa beat all to heck…even Superman and the Incredible Hulk pale in comparison!!! You deserve a glutten free box of donuts after that mess!!!


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