Erin’s going away party

Well, the weekend is finally here, Erin’s going away party.
Both sad and happy at the same time.
It’s nice to be able to have a houseful of friends over to wish Erin good luck before he leaves for St. Lawrence, but sad because we are cognizant of how much we will miss him when he’s gone.

Hard to believe that next week at this time, we will be traveling to the school and helping him to move into his dorm–and he is only 14! There are days we wrestle with wondering if this is the right avenue for him at such a young age and then other days we see the hand of God working so mightily in this young man, that we know the right decision was made.

So, as I make food for 50 or so guests, I offer it up to our Lord to bless.

He has guided us this far and will continue to guide us all throughout all the vicissitudes of our lives.

I am grateful to God for the wonderful spiritual support from our dear friends who have helped us with this decision.

Thanks be to God

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