The Awesomeness of a Vita Mix

Since I was a little girl tagging along with my mother and father to the Wisconsin State Fair, I have been enamored with the powerful chopping ability of the Vita Mix. Apparently, my mom was equally as enamored as she purchased one of the earlier silver versions. I remember her shocking all five of us kids as we blissfully drank a delicious cherry colored smoothie and upon our last slurp, informing us that within the cold, smooth, slightly sweet taste were beets, whole eggs, spinach and a host of other ingredients that we would have turned up our noses at. 

I was sold.

Since the inception of my adult-hood, many eons ago, I too, wanted a Vita Mix. I drooled over them at the State Fair. Each year the mighty machines became more powerful, more versatile and eventually, began to grind grains into flour, cook soup, and make ice cream. 

Finally, after nearly 50 years on this planet, I am the proud owner of a Vita Mix Super 5200! Getting this machine with the hefty price tag did not come easy. In order to pay for this perfect piece of machinery, I did what I said I would never do again and had a garage sale. Yup–I sold a ton of stuff and some of the bigger items went to Craig’s list where they also sold. After it was all said and done, I had enough to pay a month’s tuition for my son’s school and enough to justify the Vita Mix.

However, now that I have it, I can’t believe I went so long without it–for this machine has already paid for itself in time, flexibility, and crushing power. 

Just yesterday, my neighbor, bless his heart brought over more than a bushel of apples from his trees. At first I groaned and thought, ‘oh no, what am I going to do with all of this?’ and then I realized that the perfect tool was sitting in my kitchen. 

I began chopping apples, tossing them into the Vita Mix in stages, added some spices and within seconds had the best tasting applesauce ever. Some of it is in the food dehydrator now and will be fruit roll ups to take to my son, some of it is packed in containers in the freezer and waiting for cold winter nights. 

All of those apples remind me of my favorite Christmas Movie-‘Prancer’ where the Dad, Sam Elliott, explains to his daughter how they are not going to starve that tough winter because they’ve got apples. While pruning his trees, he explains all the various types of foods he can create with the apples….I laughed a bit to myself. 

Then I wasn’t finished, I noticed that the basil was reaching epic proportions in my garden, so with the help of the Vita Mix, made the best tasting pesto this side of the country. That is also packed in the freezer waiting for some steaming hot pasta and fresh tomatoes to accompany it.

There are days I have longed for the simplicity of the Amish life, but then, how would I manage without my Vita Mix?

Technology—gotta love it!

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