First Visit to SLS

What an amazing son we have! At 14, he has adapted to life in a minor seminary better than most 18 year olds’ leaving for college for the first time. He is taking immensely tough classes, such as Latin, Biology, Geometry, Religion, Chorus, English, Guidance, Phy Ed, keyboarding and running cross country. When we saw him today at Mass, we were so proud to hear his beautiful tenor voice joining in unison with the melodic voices of the other young men.

What has probably surprised me the most was that even after just a week, he has grown again! Surely he will be the tallest of all my children–what a shocker from seeing him year after year in the front row of every school event due to his short stature.

The priests and brothers run a tight ship, but Erin fits right in–thankfully, he survived our tough standards at home and moving into their routines is probably much easier than it is for the other young freshman.

I will be anxious to see his progress over the next few weeks.

Lord, thank you for your most generous blessing and I ask for your continued guidance in his life.

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