A kite? Are they serious?

So, yesterday a long box arrived for Blaise via UPS. Inside was a kite. Yeah, a kite. And not your ordinary kite, this one was emblazoned with the upcoming Sentry Top Sales Trip “Philadelphia 2009” on the front. On so many levels, this was insulting. Since his first neck surgery, he was treated shabbily by his first manager. And before his second surgery, he went on disability and is now permanently disabled and unable to work.¬† At the very least, the company does know that Blaise couldn’t fly a kite if he tried, as he is unable to look up unless he is laying on the ground.

Since his disability began, there has been no concern, no follow up by managers, and no invitation to participate in voting or opinion polls like the other employees. However, on occasion, he receives certain teasers to remind him that others are succeeding and he is left behind. Most of the time, the items received are quickly tossed in the trash, but this one–well, this one deserved a bit more.

Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, this one has to be worth a few more. What do you think?

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