Wow, what a night

There are days when gratitude does not come easily for me, but if I don’t try to reflect on the positive, the enemy comes in to rob me of my peace and my joy.

Last night on the way to our religious education classes, we were rear ended by an inattentive driver. The accident, thank God was low impact, but for my husband who has suffered through two complete cervical fusions of his neck, any trauma is terrifying and painful.

Thankfully, it appears that he will be ok, but it was quite scary to think that in just a blink, he could become paralyzed. There are days I feel as if I am caring for a china doll, rather than a strapping 6′ 1″ husband who used to golf, play racquetball, participate in martial arts, baseball, basketball, etc. His days and mine have changed so drastically in the past few years and it is easy to get down about it all.

Since his injury, our finances are wiped out, I work too much, and our activities have diminished to the point where we just don’t do a lot socially.

There are days we both truly wonder if God is punishing us for something.

Then I remember Job. Job was so loved by God, yet our Lord allowed him to be tested with atrocities that I cannot imagine. Like Job, we have lost members of our family, endured pain and suffering, we have lost our finances, and at times we have at times, lost hope. Unlike Job, who lost far more than we have–we don’t always handle it with the same grace and trust and that is an arena I have to become more immersed.

For today, I pray for the grace to endure, the patience to fill my heart when those on the outside seem to think we have ‘bad karma’ or don’t know ‘the secret’ or are not thinking positive enough and are causing our own problems. I pray for those people who do not understand that when we prayed that we become like Christ–that it meant to become like him in all things and his sufferings far outweigh anything we have ever gone through.

So, if this is our cross–we gladly pick it up if it means everlasting happiness with him in heaven. For today matters nothing compared to forever with HIM.

Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.

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