Catholic News Service

Priest’s line of wines raises awareness of saints, funds for charity

Karen Mahoney

MILWAUKEE (CNS) — A holy water font at each door, candles, home altars, crucifixes in every room, statues and magnificent paintings of saints permeated Father Dominic Roscioli’s Kenosha home when he was a little boy. “When I was living in my grandparents’ house and growing up Catholic in the 1950s, it seemed that everywhere in the house, someone was looking back at you,” said Father Roscioli. “We had St. Anthony in the hall, St. Rocco in the kitchen, a crucifix in every room, St. Francis of Assisi and Mary were everywhere.” In an effort to rekindle an interest in the saints, Father Roscioli and partners Jody Becker and Carlo Pedone have developed Holy Spirits wine. Available in stores, online and in select restaurants, the wines feature saints matched with wine varietals. They began with three varieties of wine: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St. Nick and St. Rocco. Each blend, produced by the Windsor Winery in California, complements the personality and mission of that particular saint. The label explains a bit about the saint’s life as if the saint were speaking directly to the reader. More information about Holy Spirits wine is available at

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