Demolition of landmark staved off

Business owner given week to provide restoration plan
Karen Mahoney

As a last-ditch effort to save the former blacksmith shop located at 923 Main Street, the Village Board agreed to a seven day extension to give building owner, Richard Gough, an additional seven days to present a workable plan with agreement of the village engineer and village attorney.

The Cream City brick building has fallen into disrepair and the owner notified a year ago to make needed repairs, but as of Monday’s Village Board meeting the repairs were not completed.

Board members unanimously support the restoration of historical buildings, but insist that unless major renovations are made in a timely manner, the only option for the safety of the public and the tenant would be to raze the Main Street structure.

The board approved a motion to extend the order by one week with Gough’s Engineer and the Village Engineer in agreement with construction costs. It was also noted that Gough’s attorney, Richard Scholze be contacted to supply a performance bond to guarantee the completion, as well as comply with the Village façade plan.

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