From Pastrami to Playschool

Karen Mahoney

Two local women want to turn a former deli/grocery store at 1036 Main Street into a daycare center.

Lindsey and Kelly Rank plan to open Jump Start Learning Center if they meet the State of Wisconsin’s requirements, which include applying for an exemption, as the property does not have room for playground facilities.

“We are confident that we can get an exemption because we will be utilizing the town and walking all over,” said Lindsey. “In my previous ten years working in day care, we took walking field trips to the Post Office, Fire Department, Library, Parks, Senior Centers, and the County Fair. We are also within walking distance of several parks, so there is a lot of opportunity for the children to get fresh air and exercise.”

The Village Planning Commission gave preliminary approval to the project Monday for use of the property located in a C-1 district.

Jim DeLuca, building inspector, said the building needs minor renovations before it would be ready to open.

“Because it is a daycare center, the state will require additional ventilation, ADA accessibility, and some renovations to the bathroom facilities,” he said. “The other issue I see is parking, because there is a lot of traffic on Main Street and there are few places to park.”

According to the Rank, parking should not be a significant issue as most of the children brought to day care are dropped off and picked up on staggered schedules during the twelve hours of operation each day.

“We should only have about 33 children total, and generally most people spend 10-15 minutes dropping off or picking up their children,” Lindsey said. “We also have some parking area behind the building that we can have open to parents to ease up the traffic problems.”

In addition to providing safe day care for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years, the Ranks plan to include developmentally appropriate activities that will promote all areas of their growth and development.

“Our center will respond to the needs of its families with excellent care-giving and instruction, an advanced curriculum, local community involvement and business partnerships,” Lindsey said.

Unique to the center, she added, will be the emphasis on spotlighting local businesses in the area, featuring a business of the month and posting on a bulletin board, descriptions of the services offered or merchandise carried.

“We plan to offer a gift certificate to the business to a family in our day care at the end of each month,” Lindsey said.

Owners say that bringing the day care to the center of the village will bring a constant flow of people to the downtown area, eventually leading people to procure items locally.

“We understand that we live in a fast-paced society,” said Lindsey. “Parents are in a rush, they go to work, pick up their kids and then rush home for dinner. We have so much here – we have a bakery to get morning donuts and coffee, Quick Trip, the Main Street Deli or R & R pizza for dinners. We have so much in this area that putting the day care here just seems to make sense.”

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