Holy Week

I love this time of year

At the end of our Lenten journey is the bright ray of hope.
We have sacrificed a bit
prayed a bit more
and reflected on our Lord’s journey and passion
His rise and fall in popularity among His people who had no clue as to His purpose on earth.
I would like to think that if I had walked with Him those many years ago, that I would have been the one who stayed by His side. The one who would not have betrayed Him. The one who stuck up for Him. But how can I say that, when there have been so many moments in my own path, that I did not do these things for others? I have let myself down and others so many times, I cannot even count them.
I would have had my hand on the hammer nailing his precious hands to the cross, just like the rest of them. 
It saddens me that I know my own weak character, but in other ways–it is because of my own weakness, that I need Him so much.
His grace
His mercy
His forgiveness and unrelenting love. 
It is a love that I don’t understand for despite all my failings, he is still there, smiling and knocking at the door asking to come in. 
The Easter Triduum makes all of that an awareness for me, that despite our lowest points, our failings, our filthy internal rags–that Jesus gave it all to bring us to His Father.
Participating in The Mass of the Lord’s Supper, The Good Friday Passion, Easter Vigil and finally the resurrection on Sunday gives me the hope, that despite all the chaos, the tragedy in the world and my own lack of Christian behavior, that His grace is truly sufficient.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone

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