I don’t want to complain, but…………Omaha Steaks is a rip off

Did you ever order those Omaha Steaks? We have, on the advice of a kitchen-challenged, recipe ignorant relative. After her praises, we bit the bullet and ordered.

At first, the burgers and steaks were ok, not great, but ok and the relatives insisted that the meat was an amazing quality deal……..so gullible me, I bought it hook line and sinker.

We didn’t order often, but always tried to stock up during the holidays and of course, my email box became inundated several times a week with emails from the company purporting their steaks with discounts and coupons galore.

The quality has deteriorated the past few years so I hadn’t ordered in a while, but I thought I would give them one more chance today after receiving a $25 coupon from erewards after answering a bunch of surveys……..and that is another story.

I digress.

The coupon gave me some free items with the purchase of $50 worth of products–easy to do, as everything on their website is overpriced. I wanted to use the coupon in conjunction with an offer they sent me today with 50% off my order and half price shipping. I clicked on the order form and added the items, and tried to use my free coupon. It didn’t work. Then I tried again using the coupon and then added the sale items, which mysteriously jumped in price to nearly double, plus shipping.

I ended up using the coupon and paying the higher price on my order and $16.99 to ship–and then redid my order as if I were going to order from their sale email. The price was CHEAPER with the sale email page than with my discount coupon.

So the surveys I took was a waste of time. The coupon was worthless.

An email to the company about the worthlessness of their coupons came back with a tart answer stating that the deals cannot be combined. Well, I wasn’t disputing that fact. What I was disputing was that the value of the coupons when they cannot be combined with any other offer is a rip off.

I responded to take me off their mailing list that I would never order again and her response to me was…. ‘gladly.’

Wow–this is really a great way to save business, isn’t it?

I’d rather buy meat from one of those super sized department stores than from this company ever again. What a major rip-off and what uncaring customer service.

4 thoughts on “I don’t want to complain, but…………Omaha Steaks is a rip off

  1. Ms. Mahoney,

    I want to apologize for any confusion regarding the eRewards offer you received.

    Ms. Mahoney, we do appreciate your business and value you as a customer. While the offers cannot be combined, I would be happy to offer further resolution for you.
    At your convenience, please email me at jamiet@omahasteaks.com.

    Jamie Toledo
    Customer Care Manager
    Omaha Steaks


  2. Well, this comment from Omaha Steaks, while encouraging,has not resulted in any change to date. I responded to Jaimie Toledo Customer Care Manager to see what she had in mind as far as a resolution, but there has been no response.

    Was this a feeble attempt at saving face? Or what?


  3. Ms. Mahoney,

    I apologize, but I did not receive any email correspondance from you. Please check your personal email for a message from me. Thanks!

    Jamie Toledo
    Customer Care Manager
    Omaha Steaks


  4. OK, I have to state that Omaha did indeed follow through on their promise to make this issue right with me. They refunded my $16.99 shipping costs.

    So, now the erewards coupon I received actually means something!

    The steaks have not yet arrived–but will keep you posted on the flavor once we fire up that grill.


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