Shall I be bitter? or shall I be better?

We all have a choice in every difficult situation in our life. We can become either bitter or better. 

Being bitter is easy. Being bitter is tempting. Being bitter allows me to lash out at the perceived source of my trouble, such as the imperfectness of my parents, of the goals I did not achieve, of a previous marriage, or nasty relatives. Being bitter allows me to hide behind a wall where no one can really reach or hurt me anymore.

Over time, these poisonous attitudes will eat us alive and will weaken us at our core.

In recent days, I have personally once again faced the choice of bitter or better. I have been put in a most difficult situation by a couple of family members. Though they carry a place in my heart, they have denied their responsibilities to the family unit, at every conceivable turn.

I try to live my faith as a Roman Catholic, and practice love and forgiveness. I try to make it to church every week. I am not perfect and have made a zillion mistakes–but still our Lord loves me.

Our Lord’s plan is simple: if you are where you are in life because it is in your heart, know that you will not take even one step alone. It was another way of phrasing the old quote, God will not take you where God will not keep you. Once again: amen.

I choose to be better – not bitter and thank you Jesus for walking the road with me.

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