A Broken Family Tree

A friend shared this with me the other day, it is a poem written by Lori A Cain. I have a feeling she must understand what many of us feel–and how we are facing the challenge with God’s grace to begin again. Thanks be to God

I am one of many
Small branches of a broken tree
Always looking to the ones above
For guidance, strength and security.
One little branch trying
To keep the others from breaking away
Who will fall?
And who will stay?
Now I stand alone
Looking at the earth through the rain
And I see the broken branches I knew
Scattered about me in pain.
There are those who have taken an axe
To the root of our very foundation
And who have passed this destruction
Down to every new generation.
If I could take that axe
I would toss it deep into the sea
Never to return again
To harm the generations that follow me.
I am one of many
But alone I will go
And plant the new seeds
Where a beautiful tree will grow.

4 thoughts on “A Broken Family Tree

  1. I was very blessed today to find this post after searching this poem I had written in 2001 under married name Lori A Cain. I went back to my maiden name McBride in 2007 so the site I published it with has since changed it. Family friends poetry. Anyway I truly am thankful to see your comments about it. I believe fully that it was an inspired work of the Holy Spirit. I found it literally was prophetic as it began to unfold piece by piece. I recently wrote a follow up to this poem called Love and the Broken Family Tree. I'm still trying to get it published but I am under the understanding that once it goes on the internet it is time stamped and self copyrighted. Either way I would love to share the sequel with you. It can be found on my WordPress site called abrokenfamilytree.com
    But if there is room I will post it here if you don't mind. ☺Love and The Broken Family Tree
    Lori A. McBride
    When anger and unforgiveness
    Invade the very crevices of your heart
    It burns fierce like sulfur
    As it forces love to depart.
    Causing only the mention of a name
    To consume you with hate
    As its poison reeks havoc
    on the next generations fate
    This grudge festers on
    Keeping you imprisoned in pain
    Causing every life force around you
    To bear the affects of your strain
    For hate and love
    Cannot reside in one heart
    Just as hate takes a family
    And tears it all apart
    The heart dies a slow death
    As it mourns the loss of love
    Never understanding it’s very being
    Is created in the heavens above
    How can it be reconciled
    To LOVE, the creator of life
    If the heart still remains
    In unforgiveness and strife?
    The Great lesson in life’s purpose
    What we are sent here to learn
    Is how to love God and our neighbor
    Before we return
    So what’s more valuable to you
    Is it LOVE or is it pride?
    because a heart without LOVE
    Has already died!
    And understand that if pride
    Is the one you will choose
    There are many generations to follow
    Who have everything to lose!
    Ask LOVE to return once again
    And invade every crevice of your heart
    Seek the courage to make amends
    Let LOVE give you a new start!


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