Happy Birthday to my Mom-Bonnie Rose Witiak Pieh!

Well Mom, today would have been your 71st birthday! I remember you always told me that you didn’t think you would live very long–of course, I objected at such nonsense because for me you were larger than life and would always be there for me. Sadly, you were snatched from us at such a young age and it seemed like another cruel joke after just losing Dad.

How I remember those daily 8:30 a.m. calls where I learned of your plans for the day, and you heard all the tales about what the children were doing. You were my rock in some very difficult times and I know that I was there for you as well. 

We went through a lot in our life together, didn’t we mom? Life wasn’t always easy–not by a long shot. But somehow we managed to weather that storm together and the trials we suffered only seemed to bring us closer together.
I know the faith issue was a tough one for you Mom, but I know that after being with our Lord for nearly nine years now-all those fears have long given way to a glorious reunion with Jesus and all the angels and saints. 
The last message you gave me when you left this world is an indelible imprint on my soul and gives me hope for my own reunion with Him, in His time. Although you were unconscious your words were as clear as if you were standing next to me. I have often reflected on those words and they have helped me through some difficult times. 
So see Mom, you taught me something about faith despite feeling as if you had nothing to share. You shared so much with me, Mom, your faithfulness to our family, to Dad, to your brothers and to your parents. I am often awed by your selfless and quiet suffering for the sake of family unity. You may think no one noticed–but I did and so did God.
So Mom, on this beautiful anniversary of your birth–put on that satin pink dress, have Dad put on that beige suit and dance with him in front of the throne. I can’t wait to see you both–give Dad a hug and kiss from his pumpkinseed, ok?  I love you and miss you more than you know.

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