Sick of Crabgrass

See this junk? It’s crabgrass and it’s all over our yard. Last year, we had a little, but this year it has taken over like wildfire.
So, what did we do differently? I have a theory–a conspiracy theory and before you think me paranoid, here me out and tell me what you think!
In April, we went to a big named home improvement store and purchased some of their brand crab grass killer and weed n’ feed. We bought probably a couple hundred dollars worth of this stuff and and spent a couple of backbreaking days applying it to the yard.
Guess what? Not only did it not kill the dandelions, it also propogated the crabgrass like never before. I firmly believe that that weed and feed we purchased was infilitrated with crabgrass. It is a conspiracy–because what do you do when you see this? You go back to the store and buy a much stronger weed killer and spend more money. Then next year you start all over again.
So, after going through several gallons of Round Up (never will buy that store brand again) we promised ourselves that we will hire a service next year to take care of the unsightly weeds because, a) they guarantee their work, and b) it really would be cheaper in the end to have them do it–not to mention save our backs!
So, that’s it–my gripe for the week. Crabgrass-yuck, I can’t stand it!

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