You can tell a lot about a person

by the way they treat their mothers. I read this in “Bold, Fresh” by Bill O’Reilly and it has stuck with me for the past couple of days.
It seems that there have been innumerable times when I have been around people who treat others with such disrespect and disdain and if I think back, that is exactly how they treated their mothers.
What a terrible shame that is–regardless of the mother, most of the time, unless they are psychotic or sociopathic drug abusers, they do the best they can in raising their children. We are all imperfect creatures striving to do the best we can with what we know. Do we make mistakes? Of course we do–but then so do the children of the mothers they are complaining! Fathers too-I have seen many dad’s get treated poorly when all they were doing is trying to make a living and attempting to raise honorable, moral children? 
Have we done too much feel good parenting without consequences? I think so–we have raised our children in an entitlement atmosphere and many times become weak parents who are afraid to provide rules, inflict just punishments and teach responsible behavior. But for now, those weak parents are what I call the ‘Candy Land Moms and Dad’ someday the game will be over, the candy run out and we will have children who will flounder without direction. They will fail. 

Am I sorry for the mistakes I have made as a mother? Of course–but like my parents, I plod on, trying to raise them to make God proud and for that, I am not sorry.

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